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We believe in increasing efficiency by aligning with you to provide the solutions, support, and construction services you need to make you home even better.

We make sure that every challenge you meet becomes an opportunity. We’re not a supplier; we’re a partner. We use collaboration to drive cost savings, provide quicker turnarounds, and shape the future of your home—creating environments where everybody thrives. We never let our clients down because siding installation work is our specialty.

It is our mission to provide complete satisfaction as a siding installation company. Give us a call because you won’t find a better roofing & siding contractor in New Jersey and the surrounding areas. We look forward to hearing from you soon.

Highest Quality Siding Installation

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    Vinyl Siding Installation

    We can say “no job too big or too small”, and really mean it! Our vinyl siding team can take on an entire installation of vinyl siding, or individual vinyl siding replacements.
    Homes with vinyl siding are better protected against the elements, and vinyl siding is an indicator that your home has durability. It is more economical in the immediate, and more cost-effective. We are able to expertly install vinyl siding vertically or horizontally, in a variety of attractive colors suited to your personal preference. We can professionally install a variety of siding styles, such as the “half round” (D4-standard) or “fish scale” style, which is gaining popularity. We are prepared to consult with you on the different styles available.

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    Aluminum Siding Installation

    As with our professional vinyl siding, AAA Roofing does the best aluminum siding replacement and aluminum siding installation in New Jersey. Aluminum siding, like vinyl, offers many benefits to the homeowner: cost effectiveness, aesthetic quality, ease of maintenance, excellent insulating factor, acts as a sound insulator, safety (fire-retardant properties), and (when installed properly!) is resistant to the elements.

If your roof is leaking, has hail damage, or has just seen better days, let our new roof installers take care of fitting your home with a new roof. We can come out to inspect your roof every year or as needed to make sure that everything is in good working order and to make any minor repairs, like fixing shingles that have frayed or curled up, or bent flashing.

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  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
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